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Kilimanjaro ~ Full Moon Climb

Kilimanjaro ~ Full Moon Climb

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"Climb Kilimanjaro during full Moon – Summiting on or not long after a full moon is exceptionally delightful and lights up the landscape without using headlamps. However, it is also very bright for sleeping and stars are not as obvious."

What is a full moon?

The full moon occurs when the earth is located directly between the sun and the moon, causing the moon to be completely illuminated (it looks completely round and bright). A Kilimanjaro full moon happens about every 29 days

Why is important to climb on full moon dates?

Its bright and clear night and you will not need your head lamp for light Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with the full moon dates will enhance the whole experience, as the bright moonlight provide a spectacular view of Kilimanjaro and it’s surroundings.

The benefit of full moon dates

Your route to summit is lit by the full moon The majority of a trekking or climbing on Kilimanjaro takes place during daylight hours. It is only for the summit attempt you climb at night, starting out just before midnight. A summit attempt done during a full moon means that the entire route will be well lit and you will hardly need to run on your headlamp

Pre and post summit nights around camp

If you are aiming to summit during a full moon it means that your nights pre and post summit around camp will be lit by a near perfect full moon, giving you amazing moonlit scenes from camp Incredible universal energy The Full Moon is supposed to be a powerful time where the universal energy is highest and the best time to renew positive energy.
In some religions a full moon is invocative of the higher energies and creates a channel of contact between soul and spirit.

Why is the Kilimanjaro Full Moon Climb so popular?

You’ll be accompanied and guided in your night-time trek by the bright light of the full moon. It illuminates your six-hour journey up to Uhuru Peak, making the glaciers glitter and the rolling clouds below you glow. The moonlight also makes the earth beneath your feet glisten.
Practical reason for climbing during a full moon is that its brightness (when paired with a clear sky) improves visibility throughout your Kilimanjaro trek, especially during your summit attempt.
Climbing Kilimanjaro during a full moon offers you magnificent night views of Kibo from most of the overnight
If you want to avoid the crowds, plan your summit for a day before or after the full moon. That way you still get the moon, without the crowds of people.

Full Moon Dates & Times On Kilimanjaro

Month 👇 Moon phase 👉 New Moon 🌑 Full Moon 🌕 Elevation & bearing
January 2022 2nd January at 2133 18th January at 0248 48° @ 315
February 2022 1st February at 0846 16th February at 1956 14° @ 072
March 2022 2nd March at 2034 18th March at 1017 -54° @ 274
April 2022 1st April at 0924 16th April at 2155 50° @ 099
May 2022 30th April at 2328 16th May at 0714 -11° @ 250
June 2022 30th May at 1430 14th June at 1451 -46° @ 133
July 2022 29th June at 0552 13th July at 2137 40° @ 122
August 2022 28th July at 2054 12th August at 0435 30° @ 249
September 2022 27th August at 1117 10th September at 1259 -77° @ 153
October 2022 26th September at 0054 9th October at 2354 80° @ 043
November 2022 25th October at 1348 8th November at 0708 44° @ 060
December 2022 24th November at 0157 7th December at 1909 14° @ 064

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